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Teresa Biber LoMonte

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Teresa's Philosophy

A caring heart

Teresa Biber Mission trip to Haiti through Global Orphan Project

"There are only two kinds of people in this world; people who care and people who don't."  (Biber, 2002)

I care. 

I care deeply about the human condition, the injustices of the healthcare system, the social and psychological impact of a disorder such as dysphagia, the inequity of treatment across our discipline, the lack of people advocating for those without a voice, the control of the insurance companies dictating what constitutes appropriate therapy and the lack of good and accurate patient information. 

Healthcare has become health business and too often, profits over patients drive the system. 

 I try my best to put the word "care" back into healthcare.

 I am passionate about my work and helping others. 

It was what I was designed to do. 

My Mission

Putting the care back in healthcare by providing excellent and compassionate evidence based training, education and therapeutic services in a global market where patients come first.