The Biber Protocol® NMES Therapy

Putting the Care back in HealthCare!

The Biber Protocol® is a philosophy of providing hope for recovery. It utilizes a method of delivering painless and effective neuromuscular electrical stimulation to re-educate the muscles necessary for swallowing, voicing and facial movement.

"The purpose of dysphagia rehabilitation is to restore swallow function to the highest level possible in order to prevent further complications and promote optimal quality of life" (Biber 2008) 

The Master and Original

Developed in 1999 by internationally recognized master speech-language pathologist; Teresa Biber LoMonte, The Biber Protocol® has been often imitated but never duplicated. 

Worldwide coverage

The Biber Protocol® has been taught and used nationally and internationally by therapists and patients alike. There have been an estimated 1 million treatments using The Biber Protocol® with consistently reported excellent outcomes and without any adverse effects. 

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